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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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25 storm tracker weather alert. rain and snow charging up the east coast right nowis on the way to make early saturday morning a total mess. good evening everyone, i'm vanessa well,. >> i'm bob ward. we're looking at a nor'easter before tomorrow's patriots playoff game. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is in the storm tracker weather center with the timeline. kevin? >> bob, we've seen some massive nor'easters over the years it and usually conjures up images of the blizzard of 1978. but this time it's more rain than anything else. still fits the criteria though. there's a winter weather advisory in place right now and into tomorrow. there are the clouds over us now here comes the rain up the coastline spinning up toward us. looks to me like it's taking a closer track towards nantucket. that also means warmer air pushes a little farther north, too. we we just don't have a cold air source. but the leading edge as it comes in will have some mixing on it and there will
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below freezing north of the pike and along 495 north and west. that means it can be some freezing rain meaning a coating of ice first thing in the morning. this takes to us 5:00 a.m. if you need to drive early in the morning be aware of that. notice more blue and purple up here that's where the snow is going to be. we'll talk more about the afternoon how it will affect final totals. >> all right, kevin. as this storm moves in be sure to stay up-to-date by tuning in to our fox 25 morning news. get the latest radar and rain and snow totals in your area. it begins tomorrow morning at 6:00. breaking right now we're learning more about a local marine still missing tonight after helicopter crash in hawaii. on the fox 25 news at 6:00 we told you that hingham native was one of the 12 unaccounted for. and tonight our erica richie is gathering new information from his hometown. >> reporter: those who know him his name is christopher orlando, a 2004 graduate of hingham high school here.
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state and town flags have been replaced by the marine core and blue star flags. both of which have been inverted to reflect their missing marine. >> it hasn't really hit me it's pretty crazy. >> reporter: kevin became friends with hingham marine chris orlando long before he had that title. they grew up a street apart together. same baseball and hockey team so it's no wonder he was left speechless today when he learned orlando was one of 12 are marines involved in the military helicopter crash in hawaii. >> a good friend that you grew up with that just stung. >> right now an ex--- extensive search and rescue effort is underway. the were taking part in a nighttime training mission when they collided. meantime, it's all hands on deck both on land and at sea as a two mile debris fell is combed.
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crews up, we have c-130 helicopter crews up, we have coast guard cutters who were on scene. we're getting assistance from the navy. >> he's a fighter. i used on swim with him growing up i know he's a phenomenal swimmer. i just never give up hope he's just such a great kid. praying for him and his family. i hope i get to see him again. >> reporter: he said orlando went to two years of college after graduating from hingham high school here before he joined the military. he says orlando was so excited about being stationed in hawaii because he loved to surf. at this hour an investigation is going on into what caused those helicopters to collide. in hingham, erica richie, fox 25 news. only on fox 25 tonight a little girl just 5 years old and told to go stand alone outside of a gym class at school. fox 25's jim morelli joins us from outside boston public school headquarters in roxbury where he spoke with that little girl's mom. jim, i'm sure she was terrified? >> reporter: yeah, initially she was terrified then she
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i guess one of the lessons here you have to be very careful what you say to a 5-year-old. from what we can glean is what went down. the teacher wanted to speak privately with this 5-year-old and asked her on to step outside the classroom but the teacher that hallway. that gave this little girl who took that instruction very literally time to wander away. >> i went to the park then i went home. >> reporter: she's 5 years old weighs not even 50 pounds, but today little rain givens raised awareness about a glaring security issue at this boston public school by walking out of school in the middle of the day. >> unacceptable because it just shows you that the school doesn't pay attention to kids. >> reporter: rain was in gym class at john winthrop elementary school in dorchester when she says the teacher asked her to step outside the classroom. so she did, literally walking through these doors and into the park next door. >> and the fact she's out without a coat it was chilly. >> it's very cold outside. without a coat without
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people sitting in the park and drinking anybody could have took her. >> reporter: both sides from the school. the main point of disagreement seems to be how long she was gone. the school says it was about a five minute absence but the neighbor who found rain knocking at her door said it was more like 20. >> she was at my house for at least five to six minutes then downstairs in her apartment for at least i minutes. >> reporter: boston public schools tells fox 25 it is very disconcerting that this student demonstrated weakness in the school's safety procedures. >> i told the principal i don't feel comfortable with her even attending this school because y'all don't keep an eye on children. >> reporter: now boston public schools tell us that they are reviewing the safety procedures at the school because they don't want this to ever happen again. meantime, rain's mom will be meeting with the school on tuesday. live in roxbury, jim morelli, fox 25 news. right now the f.b.i. is
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bomb threats targeting several local communities all day long. tonight we know most of them were phoned in and forced students to evacuate. fox 25's kathryn burcham reports are from bourne tonight where there was added police presence after high school games. >> reporter: although many of the schools that were threatened today decided to cancel athletic events for the evening the planned games here went on as scheduled. although with extra police officers on hand to calm worried parents. there's always some extra nerves in the seconds before the buzzer sounds to start but tonight at bourne high school the pregame jitters came at higher stakes. >> kind of weird going in there after all that. >> reporter: 14-year-old dan plays on wareham vikings his school was not one of the 10 cape cod and boston area schools shut down today when a bomb threat came in but he was affected all the same. >> i was sitting here and i texted him i said why can't you get in the school.
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scare. >> the game was delayed and students sat on buses while a state police k-9 unit swept the school. at bourne and other schools a robocall was made simultaneously to administrative offices claiming a device was left in the school and set to explode in 30 minutes. >> i think you have to take these things serious because we never know. that might be part of the plot to get people off guard then something could happen. >> reporter: fox 25 has learned that the f.b.i. and state police are now investigating the threats possible link to similar incidents today in maryland and washington, d.c. for students at every school that was evacuated, shut down early or searched, it was a frustrating end to the week. >> i don't see how they think it's funny or anything. why they would cause this much of a problem. >> reporter: as for the person reason a source close to the investigation tells me it will likely be difficult to track them down that's because investigators
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these robocalls through a computer system. they say those calls can then be programmed to move through a variety of i.p. addresses some even coming from different countries. in bourne, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. breaking tonight a sexual assault suspect has been arrested. he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman on new year's day in dorchester. police did find the victim unconscious. the 22-year-old is charged with rape. breaking news tonight a warning is going out to any americans in part of africa tonight as a hotel attack continues. gunfire and explosions breaking out tonight at a popular resort hotel in burkina faso. there is no word on how many were killed or hurt but there were reports of bodies outside the hotel. an al-qaeda affiliate in africa claiming responsibility for this attack. a restitution order worth more than $101 million handed down tonight to marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. the amount laid out in an 11
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obtained. the restitution is divided between unnamed victims for certain amounts. with the rest of the money going to the massachusetts victim compensation fund. once the other victims have been paid. the payouts range from $8.1 million down to $120. we're told that money would be taken from any funds raised on his behalf then distributed among the victims. we are continuing to go through that filing and we'll get you more as soon as we have it. a disturbing crime landing a local man behind bars. police say 45-year-old thomas sheehan of quincy pretended toing a groveland woman on an adult website. sheehan also alleged talked to people about their interests in kidnapping, raping and forturing the woman and her family. attorney general mora healey releasing this statement today. we allege that this defendant put this woman and her family in grave danger by impersonating her on-line. posting photos of her and her children and communicating with strangers who sought to do personal harm. a local mother is
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driver crashed into her minivan and took. on right now dracut police are working to track that driver down. the mother of two didn't want to show her face on camera but says last night around 10:a white s.u.v. drove up behind her and drove right into her. she ended up hitting a tree anniversary -- narrowly avoiding serious injury. >> i just kept thinking 90% of the time there are kids in my back seat. >> police tell fox 25 they have located the s.u.v. and identified the owner but have not determined who was behind the wheel. a fisherman having chest pains rescued off the coast of cape cod today. mass environmental police were patrolling this morning and got report of a man having chest pangs in a nearby fishing boat. one of the crew members on the patrol boat was paramet -- paramedic and decided the west thing for the patient was to be brought to shore bocht once on shore the man was rushed to cape cod hospital. tonight. fox 25 investigates has just uncovered the cause of
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everett on christmas day. it happened just as police took down the man at the center of an armed standoff. they say fire marshal's office now confirms to fox 25 it was a pepper spray device fired into that home by police that started the fire. firefighters kept the flames from spreading to other homes and no one was seriously hurt. tonight everett's police chief tells fox 25 he cannot comment on whether or not those pepper spray devices malfunctioned or worked properly. this until he gets a final report from investigators. parents in west boylston demanding more information after a teacher was removed from the middle school for what's being called improper behavior towards a student. fox 25 broke the news of a criminal investigation last night. the superintendent sent an e-mail alert to parents saying police are now involved. fox 25 is not identifying the teacher because police have not filed any charges. parents say the teacher works with students with special needs. >> he does a lot with the kids and for the kids. he is a wonderful guy.
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getting a raw deal. >> it is very troubling. because they're teachers. they're supposed to be held to a higher standard. >> fox 25 reached out to the west boylston police chief the superintendent and the district attorney's office but none responded today. winter weather advisory now in place overnight and through the morning tomorrow but this storm taking a more westward track than earlier models were suggesting what that means for your forecast with the rain and snow will fall. plus, we dig deeper into the relationship between the foxborough police and the patriots. the answer the chief gave us when we asked new questions about the chandler jones incident. stocks nearly dropping 400 points before the
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america runs on dunkin'. big losses on wall street to end the week. the dow jones industrial average dropping nearly 390 points today mostly because the price of oil just continues to drop. a barrel is now under $30 for the first time since 2003. and even though wall street is off to a horrible start in the new year, a financial expert we spoke with says you should not worry just yet. >> we're talking about the 1% the kind of people who their primary income is coming from capital. but for most of us that will be listening to this program what you are seeing is your income, your job that's what really matters from that perspective the economy
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healthy. >> all right, so the nasdaq and s&p 500 also finished well into the red today. fox 25 is trying to uncover a patriots star chandler jones got special treatment when he showed up disoriented at the police department over the weekend. fox 25's sharman sacchetti got a closer look at the department's are relationship with the teen. >> reporter: this morningdy speak with the foxborough police chief by phone. he told me he didn't have time to do an interview and he quickly hung up. we came here to the police station in the hopes that he might reconsider but instead we received this statement that didn't answer glove our questions. one day after the foxborough police chief released a partly redacted report when it came to a bizarre episode with chandler jones questions remain whether he got special treatment and whether or not the average person would have been given the same preference. we did try asking the police chief and even waited hours at the station to see if he would speak with us but he refused.
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as the town police of policing services at gillette stadium. a statement released yesterday said there's no conflict. so we took a look at the chief's pay. in the 2014 foxborough town report it was the latest one we could find. it shows the chief yearly salary as $147,000 but he gets another $thaw 34,000 for from an unnamed party vendor. a salary totalling $182,000 in 2014 alone. in the report, we also found events at gillette generated nearly can $3 million for the town. and this is the statement it essentially reit rated that police believe the situation with chandler jones was a medical situation that there wouldn't be any further comment and said that the chief is busy planning for the game at gillette tomorrow. in foxborough, sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. which sounds much more dangerous in our winter weather advisory. either way though we have some rain moving in it will come down heavily. some of will you see some
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any way you slice it it gets slippery off to the north and west of 128 and i think more likely along 495 and north of the pike back in here is where you will see the slippery conditions from the storm system. now to me watching this come off the coastline seems to be in here. allowing for some wobble it could still be out around nantucket. either way that's still closer than the models were showing me up until this evening. as i always told you we have to wait for it to get off the coast to make a move. this one coming in during early morning hours. so by 3:30 you see that. there it looks like some shower activity starts to break out even some mixing. temperatures will be at or below freezing back here that's why you can get a coating of ice and that can can be dangerous first thing in the morning be careful of that. then the rain starts to come on in. and the same time the storm that's passing by to our south pulls some cold air behind it and brings some snow in. but it's very much elevation
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back up into the brookshire snow to the northwest worcester kills you get some snow. snow will be elevation dependent most of us will see rain after any ice happens first thing in the morning. the patriots have kicked off and the rain is safely on out of here. that's not going to be an issue for the ball game tomorrow. i have lowered this just a little bit. en route to out to northern worcester county could see an inch or two of snow. and the same back here. you get into the elevations into the green mountains of vermont into the northern berkshires three to six possible. if this tracks even closer this has to lift farther to the north and meteorologist jason brewer will be here first thing in the morning to make sure you're up-to-date on where those bands will settle before all is said and done. rain totals look hefty but up to an inch of rain will fall. back here you see these ams clearly if you get up in those ams it's snowing you can can convert at a 10-1
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typically six to eight inches of snow. again elevation dependent. hour by hour at the patriots game check this out. going up to 40 degrees at 2:00 for your tailgating and rain gone. the sun breaking out just before it goes down in the afternoon. a little glimpse of it anyway but mostly cloudy and 38 but dry during the game. on sunday, another system just tries to clip nantucket with some snow perhaps even cape can cod before it pulls away. monday some colder air coming in that will bring some more snow showers to the area. definitely a more active pattern setting up. we can can match up the storms with the cold then we're talking business. colder to the north and west. here on sunday you see it's 36 . if you are doing some travelling this week around new england here's what you're looking at. sloppy day is saturday nicer day on sunday. but it gets colder as the weekend progresses. for martin luther king temperatures only in the 20s with those snow showers. all right, kevin. coming up after the break u.f.c. president dana white
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than just fighting. plus, the latest on gronk and all the injuries and the celtics as marcus smart becomes the youngest player this season to reach a
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i'll tell you what that with a horrible week for the patriots the team preparing for the biggest
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the chiefs and their 11 game winning streak and the pats questionable gronk had an injection into his bum knee was better enough today to be limited at practice. gronk has battled knee and back troubles this week but he is not the only one the pats have 12 players as i questionable. them. he's probable after recovering from a high ankle sprain. julian edelman who has been sidelined since november 15th and dante high to youer and his bum knee they're all question. theche have a notable injury receiver -- jeremy macklin. >> now the celtics ended their four game winning drought wednesday and a win tonight would officially begin a winning streak. phoenix the suns at the garden tonight. well, people it was all about marcus smart.
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the assist. smart had two steals on the night. he had 11 assists on the night and facilitate juror that's what i'm calling him tonight. 21 points, four of six celtics up 21 now you know isiah thomas has to get in on the action. five of 11 that's really efficient he had 19 points but all about marcus smart. 10 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists. the youngest this season to get un. 117-103 the celtics win their second straight game. all right, the bruins in buffalo. they're down 1-0 maybe because rex and rock were out there watching a little bit of hockey. number 8 more importantly he ties things up at one. zdeno chara does what he does. he likes to score goals from way far away. 2-19 bruins were up. spooner the kid with the fancy nickname spoon. he gets in on the action. 3-1.
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bruins win this thing 4-1. gustavson had 33 saves on the evening and u.f.c. president dana white in the building talking the big phantom weight championship between cruz and shaw but the native bostonian also talked about his patriots and their chances tomorrow. >> kansas city look really good in their last game. i'm nervous about this game because the patriots that started season blow these guys out and blow everybody else we're still undefeated we win the super bowl. but because of all these injuries i'm just hearing today that gronk might be out, you know, just depends on who shows up and who plays on sunday. if we beat him by one i'm cool. the whole interview is on fox >> i like that. it just takes one point. a storm in overnight a lot of rain a little bit of ice in the beginning especially north north of pike. be sure on to check with meteorologist jason brewer first thing in the morning.
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